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Ten complementary proofreading tips

If you spotted the mistake in the headline – congratulations, you’re one of a select few.
[Of course, if my meaning was ten tips that complement each other, rather than ten free tips, then it’s perfectly fine.]

Fact checking – has technology made us sloppy?

Today I received my first bank statement as the new treasurer of our local youth club. It arrived courtesy of a lovely old man from up the road. The statement had his address on you see.

Yes, despite me sitting down with a business banker, filling in my address details and signing they were correct, he still managed to choose the wrong address on his system.

Finding your angle – news writing lessons from Robert Redford

Confessions first. I love Robert Redford. Yes, he’s twice my age and his skin looks like it’d make a good saddle for one of his horses but, I love him.